Areas of interest:

  • Chirality in the solid state
  • Reactivity, phase transitions, and packing of organometallic and coordination compounds
  • Analysis and prediction of intermolecular interactions
  • Crystal engineering, especially of binary crystals and coordination polymers
  • X-ray scattering of amorphous molecular solids (WAXS)
  • Charge density
  • Neutron diffraction
  • Topology and visualization of extended structures. Cooperation with graph theory experts (Prof. Guo & his team) and the virtual reality group (Prof. Kuhlen & VR group) - GTECS 3D

  •  X-ray Service from the AKS

      Useful Links:

  • International Union of Crystallography

  • Deutsche Gesellschaft DGK

  • British Crystallographic Association  BCA

  • American Crystallographic Association  ACA

  • Software for Crystallographers (SINCRIS)

  • Computational Chemistry Coalition

  • Chemistry

  • PLATON by Ton Spek is a great tool for the analysis and visualization of crystal structures, in particular from the molecular/coordination chemistry world

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