Cooperation with Shanxi University

Cooperation with Shanxi University

In 2018, our group started an official collaboration with Shanxi University in Taiyuan, China.

In summer 2018, Ulli became a guest professor in Shanxi University; Ruimin followed in June 2019. Wenwen was our first guest student from Shanxi, from April to June 2019.

We could welcome our academic guests Prof. Miaoli Zhu and Prof. Liping Lu in Summer 2019.

Yanyan (right) was our labmate from summer 2019 to October 2020; she is now completing her PhD studies in Taiyuan.

Prof. Liwei Zhang and Prof. Yuekui Wang visited our group in August 2019; on August 13, we met in the context of a workshop.

Prof. Sidian Li, vice-president of Shanxi University, gave a lecture on B/C analogy on August 30, 2019.

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