Prof. Dr. Jun Okuda
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Institut für Anorganische Chemie  - RWTH Aachen
Landoltweg 1 - Room no. 118 
D-52074 Aachen

Tel.:      +49 241 80 94 645 
Fax:      +49 241 80 92 644 

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Postal Adress:
Institut für Anorganische Chemie 
RWTH Aachen 
D-52056 Aachen 
Simone Becher
Tel.: +49 241 80 94 645
International Research Training Group



to the Chair of Organometallic Chemistry at RWTH Aachen University. You may find on the following pages a short overview of our research and teaching activities.
The main topics of our present research are:

Molecular Catalysis

Highly Lewis Acidic Organometallics
•Chiral Complexes

Polymerization Catalysis

Stereoselective Polymerization
Helical and Optically Active Polymers

Catalysis for Biomass Conversion

Polylactide Synthesis
•Cellulose-Derived Oxygenates

News and Events

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