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Office hours: Tuesday 9:30 to 10:30 room 020 (section 2010 of IAC), drop in and by appointment. As long as contact restrictions apply, please arrange for an appointment by E-mail

Members of my team or I will try to be available for
checking potential diffraction samples
on Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00 in our lab, room 016 (section 2010 of IAC). As long as contact restrictions apply, please arrange for an appointment by E-mail

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Active Group Members:


Ulli Englert 

Ulli has been leading the molecular structure group since 1989. He is interested in analysis, engineering and reactivity of molecular crystals - for short: in all solid state aspects of molecular solids. This spells many more ideas for future coworkers and research students...

Irmgard Kalf

Born April 12, 1963 in Aachen. Irmgard was trained as a laboratory technician. She is now working on the synthesis, spectroscopic characterization, and crystal chemistry of coordination compounds. She is in charge of our crystallization lab.

Ruimin Wang

Ruimin received her BSc in 1984 from Nankai University, China and her Diploma with RWTH Aachen in 1995. She was awarded her PhD in 2000 for a thesis on mixed crystals of Cobalt (III) complexes and lattice energy calculations. Crystal modeling and charge density work apart, she keeps our good old LINUX computers alive... In 2019, Ruimin became a guest professor of Shanxi University, Taiyuan/China.

Steven van Terwingen

After his successful Master thesis on extended ditopic ligands, Steven is now focussing on more rigid connectors between the hard and soft coordination sites, their derivatives and potential applications in catalysis.

Hans Gildenast

As his first encounter with our ditopic ligands was really productive, Hans joined us for his Master thesis and successfully came up with a new ligand. His doctoral dissertation started in May 2019.

Ex-Coworkers and Visiting Scientists:

Beate Ganter 

Beate has finished her Ph.D. thesis in 1998 and is now working for a Bayer-G.E. joint venture.

Trixie Wagner

After her Ph.D. thesis in December 1995 Trixie completed a postdoc stage in proteine crystallography, and is now working for Novartis Switzerland
Xiaolai Zheng Following his Ph.D. at the RWTH Aachen in May 2001 (his 2nd - the 1st was at Dalian University of Technology, China, in 1998) Xiaolai went to the states and joined BASF.
Qi Li Qi Li worked with us for one year. He was professor and group leader at Beijing Normal University, Department of Chemistry and is now retired.
His interest is focused on crystallization, structure determination, and database searches in the context of polymorphism studies.

Roland Härter

Diploma in Chemistry with RWTH Aachen in 1998 on Wide angle X-ray scattering of molecular compounds. Roland is now a grammar school teacher.

Chunhua Hu

Chunhua came from Shanghai, China. He obtained his first PhD degree in Fudan University (Prof. Peiju Zheng) in 1999.
He joined Ulli's group as postdoc fellow and obtained a second PhD from RWTH in July 2004 with a thesis on crystal engineering. After a stay in Frankfurt University, Chunhua moved to the States and is now staff crystallographer at NYU.

Janice Rubin-Preminger

Janice did her undergraduate studies in South Africa and obtained her PhD with Joel Bernstein in Israel. She joined our group for two years with a MINERVA fellowship. Janice has joined pharmaceutical industry.
Kambarali Turgunov Kambarali was a visiting scientist at the end of 2006 and, again, in 2012.
He is based in the Institute of the Chemistry of Plant Substances, Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan.

Mihaela Serb

Mihaela ("Mura") obtained her MSc from University 'Politehnica' of Bucharest. She was awarded a DAAD Fellowship for finishing her PhD in Aachen where she was assembling molecular building blocks to extended structures. Mura has successfully "petrified" one of the shortest O-H...O hydrogen bonds ever studied! Mura has recently been promoted to the rank of Associate Professor.

Magaret Kondracka

Magaret obtained her M.Sc. in Poland. Her PhD thesis in Halle was on molybdenum and tungsten chemistry. She has been successfully involved in the synthesis and structural characterization of mixed-metal coordination polymers. Margret is now working for INS Pulawy, Poland.

Desiree van Holt

Desy joined the group for her diploma thesis on molecular alloys. She obtained her doctoral degree with experimental work done in FZ Juelich.

Beatrice Cula

Beatrice ("Betty") obtained her MSc from University 'Politehnica' of Bucharest. Based on a fellowship of the graduate program 'Methods in Asymmetric Synthesis', she earned her PhD degree in our group in summer 2004 on chiral solids. After a Postdoctoral stay in Spain, she returned to Aachen where she worked in the field of novel organometallic platinum complexes with potential antitumor activity. In 2010, Betty joined Prof Christian Limberg's group at Humboldt University, Berlin, as a crystallographer. In 2021, she was elected vice-chairperson of the molecular crystallographers in DGK,

Yutian Wang

Yutian graduated from Shanxi University, China, and joined us in May 2005 as a PhD candidate. His work centered around chiral coordination polymers, particularly silver derivatives. Yutian received his PhD in May 2009. He is now working for the Chinese branch of Bruker as an application scientist.

Nadine Boymans

Nadine has been awarded a MINT scholarship for her PhD which was in the field of chemical didactics. She was in charge of our lab courses for grammar school students and the organizer for the summer university in chemistry. After her very successful graduation, Nadine started to work as a grammar school teacher.

Fangfang Pan

Fangfang obtained his MSc from Zhengzhou University and joined our group for the PhD with a fellowship from the China Scholarship Council. Fangfang worked on crystal engineering and charge density of dynamic coordination complexes and sulfonamides.He finished his doctoral dissertation in July 2013 and joined Kari Rissanen in Jyväskylä university for a post doc. At present, Fangfang is group leader in Central China Normal University, Wuhan.

Carina Merkens

Carina obtained her BSc with a thesis on thermolysis of organic-inorganic hybride materials. This strategy allows to prepare polymers which are not accesibble via conventional synthesis in solution. In her MSc and PhD project, she worked on the synthesis and structure of bimetallic networks. She was awarded the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Preis in 2012. Several of Carina's results will be published in the near future, so somehow she is still an "active group member"!

Friedrich Steuber

Friedrich did his B.Sc. and M.Sc. theses in our group, both on bimetallic coordination polymers and both with very good success. He is now working for his PhD in Ireland!

Kevin Lamberts

In his BSc thesis, Kevin studied a reversible crystal-to-crystal phase transition which is tunable over a wide temperature range by doping with an isomorphous compound. He was involved in an interdisciplinary seed fund project with graph theory experts (Prof. Guo & his team) and the virtual reality group (Prof. Kuhlen and coworkers) aiming at the simplification and understanding of extended structures. Kevin earned his doctoral degree with the coordination of amino acids of essential metals.

William Raven

William's PhD thesis focussed on the synthesis and structural characterization of cycloplatinated primary amines. He has addressed Pt(II) and Pt(IV) complexes, with the emphasis on potential applications in chemotherapy. These studies were performed in cooperation with Prof. Tolba and PD Dr. Steitz and with Prof. Mottaghy and his team in University Hospital Aachen (UKA).

Mansoureh Zahedi

Mansoureh was a visiting scientist in our group from Jan. to Sept. 2016. Souri worked on Schiff bases as lihands and on synthesis, structure and properties of coordination polymers. When she joined our team, she had a M.Sc. degree from Tabriz University, Iran; by now, she has obtained her PhD.

Ai Wang

Ai joined our group with a BSc from Yunnan Normal University, China, and a MSc with Prof. Yuekui Wang in Shanxi University. She obtained her PhD with a fellowship from the China Scholarship Council. Her main interest was high resolution diffraction, ideally followed by experimental charge density studies. She also contributed careful experimental results in variable temperature diffraction. Back to China, Ai started the next step of her scientific career in Shanxi University, Taiyuan.

Qianqian Guo

Qianqian did her undergraduate studies in Zhengzhou University, China and earned her MSc in the group of Prof. Hongwei Hou. She joined our group with a fellowship from the China Scholarship Council and obtained her PhD with studies on Pd chain polymers and their tunable phase transitions and on a new ditopic ligand. Qianqian also invented a very useful way to enforce O coordination in substituted acetylacetones. Qianqian's present affiliation is Zhejiang University.

Akmal Tojiboev

Akmal joined our team twice as a guest scientist. He was a senior teacher in Namangan State University, Uzbekistan and has later moved to Tashkent. His main interests are charge density studies and teaching in crystallography - he is working on a multi-language crystallographic dictionary!

Khai Truong

Khai obtained his doctoral degree on ditopic ligands and their derivatives. The structural work in this context included dynamics and phase transitions. Khai is now postdoc with Kari Rissanen in Jyväskylä University, Finland.

Stefanie Langenstück

Steffi was trained as a teacher in chemistry, biology and mathematics. In a joint venture with Prof. Michael Schroeder, IPC, she built a bridge between up-to-date research and didactics. Steffi was in charge of the Schüleruni Chemie.

Yanyan An

Yanyan came to Aachen in summer 2019 und stayed with us until October 2020. She was working on semi-rigid polycarboxylato ligands for the design of extended structures and also developed her own ligand in RWTH. She is now back to complete her PhD in Taiyuan.

Marius Kremer

In the context of his M.Sc. thesis, Marius was investigating the degradation of one of our favourite ditopic ligands. His doctoral dissertation focused on Bio-MOFs; in parallel, he was our man for beamline P24 in DESY. Good luck with your new job!

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