Academic career

since 2014 independent group leader at RWTH Aachen University
(mentor Prof. Ulrich Simon)
2011 - 2014 Postdoc at ETH Zürich with Prof. Donald Hilvert
2007 - 2010 PhD thesis, Göttingen University
'Sticky triangles: New tools for experimental phasing of macromolecules',
advisor: Prof. George M. Sheldrick, 'summa cum laude'
June 2007 diploma in chemistry: 'with distinction', Göttingen University
2006 - 2007 diploma thesis at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
'Lanthanoid hydroxo clusters: towards a new class of contrast media for X-ray imaging'
advisors: Peter Junk, Phil Andrews and George M. Sheldrick
2004 - 2007 chemistry studies at Göttingen University
2002 - 2004 chemistry studies at RWTH Aachen University (pre-diploma)


Honours and awards

Merck Anniversary Research Grant (highly competitive: only 10 research groups world-wide were selected ), 2019.

Funding from the Otto Röhm foundation, 2018.

Member of the North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences, Humanities and the Arts, Young Faculty - Junges Kolleg, since 2018.

Science Award 2017 of the Industrie-Club Düsseldorf, in cooperation with the North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences, Humanities and the Arts, 2017.

Liebig fellowship of the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie, since 2014.

Marie-Curie postdoc fellowship of the European Commission, 2012 - 2014.

Award for best dissertation at Göttingen University, Universitätsbund Göttingen, Germany, 2011.

Award for best oral presentation, 12th JCF Spring Symposium, Göttingen, Germany, 2010.

Poster prize 'outstanding young scientist', European Crystallographic Meeting, Istanbul, 2009.

Pauling poster prize, American Crystallographic Association Meeting, Knoxville, USA 2008.

Ludo Frevel Scholarship Award, International Centre for Diffraction Data (ICDD), USA, 2008.

PhD fellowship of the German National Academic Foundation, 2008 - 2010.

Gustav Tammann Award for the best chemistry diploma thesis, Göttingen University, 2007.

Chemistry Award for outstanding performance in pre-diploma, RWTH Aachen, 2005.

Fellowship of the German National Academic Foundation, 2002 - 2007.



27th Annual Meeting of the German Crystallographic Society, Leipzig 2019

Chemiedozententagung, Koblenz 2019

SupraChem 2019, Würzburg 2019

University of California, Los Angeles, USA, 2019

SeleCa Symposium, invited lecture, Aachen 2018

Wöhler conference on Inorganic Chemistry, Regensburg 2018

Chemiedozententagung, Jena 2018

University of Cologne, invited seminar, 2018

University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands, invited seminar, 2017

Nanax 8 Nanoparticle Conference, Braga, Portugal, 2017

European Renal Association - European Dialysis and Transplant Association congress, Madrid, Spain, invited lecture, 2017

Universität Duisburg-Essen, invited seminar, 2017

TU Darmstadt, invited seminar, 2017

Chemiedozententagung, Marburg 2017

SupraChem Conference, Aachen 2017

European Materials Research Society, Fall Meeting, Warsaw 2016

19. Steinheimer Gespräche, Bad Homburg 2016

Regional meeting of the FCI fellows, RWTH Aachen 2016

RWTH Aachen, invited seminar, 2015

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, invited seminar, 2013

European Crystallographic Meeting (ECM 26), Darmstadt, 2010

12th JCF spring symposium, Göttingen 2010. prize for best oral presentation

International Research Training Group 1422 Biometals Workshop, Goslar 2010

GDCh Weihnachtskolloquium, Göttingen 2009

International Research Training Group 1422 Biometals Workshop, Kopenhagen, Denmark 2009

M2M-9 Practical Course: Training in Methods for Macromolecular Crystallography, EMBL Hamburg 2009

Winter School on Soft X-rays in Macromolecular Crystallography, Berlin 2009

CCP4 Study Weekend, Nottingham, UK 2009

9th International School on the Crystallography of Biological Macromolecules, Como, Italy 2008

Terrae Rarae, Bonn 2007

Inorganic Symposium RACI, Melbourne, Australia 2006

and several poster awards.