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Ozan Ayhan Ozan Ayhan
Ph.D. student, e-mail: ozan.ayhan(at)ac.rwth-aachen.de

Ozan grew up at the edge of the Ruhr area between Dortmund and Münster. After school and civilian service he moved to Aachen to start his studies in Chemistry. In the third year he gained first research experience working on metal-organic frameworks, which were also the topic of the concluding bachelor's thesis. The following M.Sc. studies were completed with a work on spin crossover complexes. Moving from one type of hybrid materials to another, Ozan is at the moment investigating main group macromolecules. When at home, Ozan usually turns on his music while doing anything else, which will be cooking or reading quite often. A good part of his spare time is taken by other music-related activities: concerts and music festivals. The quiet counterbalances are Kung fu and hiking.

Artur Lik Artur Lik
Ph.D. student, e-mail: artur.lik(at)ac.rwth-aachen.de

Artur was born in Wachsch, but raised in Kassel with his younger sister. He completed his diploma thesis in nanostructural sciences at the University of Kassel under the supervision of Prof. Ulrich Siemeling on the synthesis of tetraaminoethene derivatives and investigations of their capability to be used as adsorbates on gold surfaces. He then moved to Aachen to start his Ph.D. thesis on studies of novel organic—inorganic hybrid dyes. Besides Chemistry his further interests consist of playing soccer and golf as well as reading books and hanging out with friends.

Thomas Lorenz Thomas Lorenz
Ph.D. student, e-mail: thomas.lorenz(at)ac.rwth-aachen.de

Thomas was born and raised in the rural area between Aachen, Düsseldorf and Cologne. After finishing school, he moved to Aachen to study Chemistry. Within his studies, he gained first research experience in the field of synthesis of microgelbeads and hydrogels. In addition, he worked on the cleavage of lignin using Fe-catalysts as well as on the usage of supercritical carbon dioxide as drying agent. Thomas started in the Helten group doing his internship on dehydrocoupling of main group compounds. Now, he is working on his Ph.D. thesis dealing with main group macromolecules. During his leisure, he likes to meet with friends and go out or go to the cinema.

Merian Crumbach Merian Crumbach
Ph.D. student, e-mail: merian.crumbach(at)ac.rwth-aachen.de

Merian was raised in a village close to Heinsberg, north of Aachen. After finishing school, he moved to Aachen and began his studies in Chemistry. After finishing his master's thesis, he stayed in the Helten Group for further investigations of novel polycyclic aromatic organic—inorganic hybrid compounds. In his spare time he likes to play rugby, meet with friends and watch movies.

Lars Fritze Lars Fritze
Ph.D. student, e-mail: lars.fritze(at)ac.rwth-aachen.de

Lars was born in a small town between Düsseldorf and Dortmund. After finishing school he rendered military service, he moved to Aachen and started his studies in Chemistry. After his M.Sc. studies of organic—inorganic polymers in the Helten Group, Lars stayed in the group in order to advance the research in this field of chemistry. In his spare time, he likes meeting friends or watching a good movie.

Nicolas Riensch Nicolas Riensch
Ph.D. student, e-mail: nicolas.riensch(at)ac.rwth-aachen.de

Nicolas was born in Cologne and raised in Bergheim, a town close to Cologne. After finishing school, he moved to Aachen to study Chemistry. After his M.Sc. studies and his Master thesis in the Helten Group, Nicolas stayed in the group and currently works on organic—inorganic polymers. During his leisure time, he likes to play soccer, read books or meet with friends.

Clemens Glasmacher Clemens Glasmacher
Master student, e-mail: clemens.glasmacher(at)rwth-aachen.de

Clemens grew up in a little village near by Düren, between Aachen and Cologne. After finishing school, he started to study teaching degree, with the subjects Chemistry and Biology. Now he is working on his master's thesis in the Helten Group.


Sangeth Jenthra

Niklas Möller (bachelor's thesis)

Felix Krauskopf

Sebastian Gisbertz

Daniel Warzecha

Sebastian Wollnitz

Sophia Knecht

Lars Müller (master's thesis)

Rudi Eswein (master's thesis)

Thomas Diehl

Niklas Westhues

Sebastian Lehmann

Fabian Thomas (bachelor's thesis)

Andreas Thiel

Clemens Glasmacher (bachelor's thesis)

Maximilian Bremerich

Fabian Obstals (bachelor's thesis)

Jakob Bilger