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Department of Inorganic Chemistry

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Prof. Dr. Albrecht Salzer

Department of Inorganic Chemistry 
RWTH Aachen 
Landoltweg 1 
D-52056 Aachen 

Tel.:  +49 241 809 4646 
Fax:  +49 241 8092 288 

Simone Becher
Tel.: +49 241 80 94 645

 Born 1944 in Wuppertal/D

1965-71 Undergraduate and graduate studies in chemistry at the University of Zurich
1971-74 Thesis in Inorganic Chemistry under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Helmut Werner, Zurich
1974 Ph.D. with faculty award; Thesis Title: The Route to the Tripledecker-Sandwich
1977 Scholarship from the Commission for the advancement of young scientists
1982 Venia legendi (habilitation) in coordination chemistry and promotion to lecturer at the University of Zurich
1984 Alfred-Werner-Award of the Swiss Chemical Society
1986 First edition of the text book "Organometallchemie", written together Ch. Elschenbroich
1988 Literature award from the German Federation of Chemical Industries
1989 First English Edition of the book "Organometallics, a Concise Introduction" together with Ch. Elschenbroich
1991 Titular Member of IUPAC in the Commission for Inorganic Nomenclature
1992 Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the Aachen Institute of Technology
1994 Member of Sonderforschungsbereich 380 "Asymmetrische Synthesen mit chemischen und biologischen Methoden"
1996/97 Guest Professor at the University of Capetown/South Africa
1998 Member of the Graduate Programme in Chemistry: "Methods in Asymmetric Synthesis" and of the "Katalyseverbund NRW" (Catalysis Society of Nordrhein-Westfalen) 

Research Areas

The work of our group is concerned with the multifarious interactions between unsaturated organic molecules and metal centres, an area of research best summarized under the heading "Organometallic Chemistry" or, more precisely, "Chemistry of Metal-p-complexes" .

The ligands concerned are olefinic or aromatic systems, whose bonding properties are investigated as well as their changed reactivity patterns induced by metal coordination. The metal unit serves in many ways, being either protecting group, stabilizer, activator or directing group. The reactivity of the organic ligands can thus be modified and '"fine-tuned". The use of metal-p-complexes in stoichiometric as well as catalytic reactions is rapidly gaining importance in synthetic chemistry.

Polydentate ligands such as the well-known cyclopentadienylanion, on the other hand, form complexes with unusually high kinetic stability, thus modifying the reactivity of metal centers and enabling the synthesis of unprecedented types of complexes.

Apart from our synthetic work, we concentrate on mechanistic and spectroscopic studies in organometallic chemistry.

Research subjects:

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A. Doppiu, N. Langenscheidt, A. Salzer, V. Peters, W. Braun, A. Wilden, C. Severins

Members of the Salzer Team:

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Dr. Wolfgang Braun

Tel.: +49 241 809 0071
e-mail: wolfgang.braun@...

Dr. Angelino Doppiu

Tel.: +49 241 809 4625
e-mail: angelino.doppiu@...

Dipl.-Chem. Nadine Langenscheidt

Tel.: +49 241 809 4625

Dipl.-Gyml. Vera Peters

Tel.: +49 241 809 4625

Dipl.-Chem. Christian Severins

Tel.: +49 241 809 4656

Dipl.-Chem. Andreas Wilden

Tel.: +49 241 809 4656

Former co-workers:

Elisabetta Alberico
André Bauer
Santiago Ciruelos Ortega, Cognis Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG
Claudia Brasse, Degussa AG
Stefan Geyser   
Annegret Hosang, GISMA, Hannover
Berhard Pfister
Frank Podewils
, Dynamit Nobel GmbH
Daniela Vasen
, Dynamit Nobel GmbH
Jürgen Wagemann, Continental AG
Ulli Effertz, Markus Käser, Elke Klinkhammer, Ingo Marko, Susanne Oepen, Daniel Totev


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